Lennnart Krauß, Gianluigi Scarpa, Lea Søvsø, Nina Wiesnagrotzki

NOW Social Practices Presents:

n Objects x 11Days x 4Events x n PEOPLE”

NOW Social Practices Presents is a collective piece that proposes a dialogic approach to the movie NOW by Santiago Alvarez based on a principle of ‘repetitions and differences’ rather than on a derivative one. The aim of this project is to propose a performative side to the exhibition NOW! (Extended) without producing a performance, term much institutionalized today. The reasons for this are many and diverse: first and foremost to oppose to the implicit cooling of its own analytical origins by means of meditating and using of different possible meanings of the word ‘social’. An issue is posed by the fact that the piece is in itself perhaps an institutionalization of smaller events and inventions taking place behind its borders, namely: the ‘ArchiveBox’, the ‘(Extended) NOW Reading Group’, the ‘NOW! (Extended) Events’ and the ‘Archive of NOW’.”

Archive of the NOW

dimensions: variable, Immer im Bau

NOW Social Practices Presents: the Archive of the NOW, picture, texts and books for a constant present from yesterday and before to tomorrow and behind.”


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